Celebrating a Decade of Providing Top Quality Mission Support Services to Government
Henderson Group Unlimited provides administrative support services to Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies. We help agencies achieve their objectives, by working with them to understand their challenges, constraints, and designing processes, and then staffing, implementing, and monitoring solutions.

Henderson Group’s services include:

  • Administration – We provide a full spectrum of administrative services including customer service, mail distribution, accounting and budgeting, executive support, data entry, and report generation. We create management processes to monitor and maintain the highest levels of service quality and client satisfaction.
  • Accounting – We can provide end-to-end accounting solutions, implementing well-tested, state-of-the-art accounting systems. Our systems are well-tested and robust enough to handle the most complex projects, ensuring full compliance with the most stringent reporting requirements.
  • Financial Management – We implement real-time financial management systems, that improve visibility, streamline reporting, and ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Management – We assist in the management of human resources, assets, logistics, policy, and commercial relationships on behalf of our agency partners.
  • Quality Control – Our Corporate Quality Assurance program covers all aspects and functions currently performed by Henderson Group employees.
  • Security – We have extensive experience in performing in government/contractor shared environments and managing the associated issues.

Since 2002, Henderson Group has provided support to over 40 government agencies.